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16 Free in-built trading bots

Pionex can help you to auto buy low and sell high in a price range. Even when you are sleeping, working or having a holiday, the bot never stops. The bot can also help to buy the dip, and earn more coins than holding.

Decentralized Trading Platform

Make profits from the volatility, with 0.05% fee.

Look we know life can be busy that's why we developed Pionex. Let our bots do the trading for you so you can have more time focusing on what matters most.

There are 16 bots for you to choose from. Don't know where to start? download the app now, and get connected with our community members.

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Trade with USD

Deposit or withdraw using your bank account.

If you want to use this function, you need to install Pionex Lite app first. Pionex standard version only supports transferring cryptocurrencies. Note: This function is not available in all countries/regions.

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Grid Trading Bot

Grid Trading profits from the ups and downs of the market. You set a Price Range for the bot, adjust how many Grids you want and as long as the price stays within your set range.

Rebalancing Bot

It’s hard to catch the train for every alt-coins at the right moment. Crypto rebalancing strategy is one of the strategy to solve the problem out there.

Leveraged Grid

Leveraged GRID Bot is a new trading strategy that can leverage your investment to magnify your profit. The difference is that it combines the lending market and lets you to leverage your principal for a higher profit.

Smart Grid

Smart Trade is an intelligent & 7/24 hours “swing catcher”. You can use it to schedule buying and selling at the same time with the Take Profit and Stop Loss, which can help you to get the up-trend profit and avoid the risk of huge losses.

BTC Moon

Moonshot GRID Bot help retail investors HODL Bitcoin in a smart and easy way. It helps you to laddering buy to a specific lower level, and laddering sell till a specific higher price!

Spot-Futures Arbitrage

The inefficiencies between each market give us plenty of opportunities to arbitrage. It’s easy to reach 15%~50% APR with arbitrage strategies, and I’m going to show you how to arbitrage from these inefficiencies.

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Pionex Security

We are trusted

Pionex aggregates the liquidity from Binance and Huobi near the ticker price. Pionex is one of the biggest brokers of Binance, and one of the biggest market makers of Huobi in the world.

Why choose us

We are Backed

Pionex is invested by Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital and ZhenFund for more than 10,000,000 USD

Instant settlement

Cash out profits instantly, deposit or withdraw investments with ease.


Program grid trading bots with your own parameters and have the option to stop them on-demand.

Blockchain technology

Pionex uses the Binance platform and gives real-time information on acutal trading data.

Experienced team

Get in touch with our dedicated team of professionals to help you solve any issue with our trading platform.

Trade free

Oh did we mention it's free? Get trading today!

AI matching

The grid trading bot utilizes Smart AI to maximize your gains.

Low cost

The fees for trades are 0.05%, lowest in the industry.

Digital personas

Create an account and connect with follow influencers, share your bots and copy others.

Smart Contract

Comprehensive smart contracts.

Transparency and security are paramount to successful organizations, but still represent a major challenge for most businesses. With our cross-industry expertise and state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, we help our clients reinvent their business.

We design and build tailored decentralized and resilient solutions that boost strategic business value enabling efficiency, immutability and transparency.

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Cycles and schedules

Check stats, percentage changes, and vital key market info to help inform you in finding the right trade.

Advanced application interface (API)

Intuitive application API gives traders an advantage when dealing quick and fast trades.

Beta Testing for Advanceed Users

We are always providing new features on our beta program.

Java virtual machine (JVM)

Pionex utilizes Java bytecode to bring functionality to the forefront.
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Powerful platform.

We are dedicated to providing professional service with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and strive to add value to our tax and consulting services.

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Joman Helal

Pionex helps me to fight against the volatile crypto market with the cryptocurrency trading robot! I don't need to worry about the market pump and dump while I sleep anymore!

Slans Alons

Plenty of trading strategies and lots of built-in trading bots that are free! Took a while to learn about each strategies and the parameter settings, but after that, I really enjoy the automated trading with the bot.

Josha Michal

I love using Pionex grid trading bot with alt-coins. It helps me to lower the risks and automatically buy and sell between each swinging market. Automated your trade with Pionex!

Johan Wright

I hate how the Bitcoin price fluctuates. Thank god that I found Pionex spot-futures arbitrage bot. The arbitrage bot helps me to generate steady income, and I'm kinda enjoying it.